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50 kV High Voltage Relays

High Voltage Relays

By using technology developed for diesel trucks, we have improved the capability of high voltage relays. These relays have conservative, tested ratings and a simple design which makes use of the large "pull-in" distance of the solenoid. Power management features minimize the power draw when on without compromising the force available.The relay is designed for operation in any orientation. Optional microswitches facilitate operation with computer control systems. The relay operates without the annoying "hum" in many relays. These relays are often used in safety circuits, and we can provide engineered systems at competitive prices.


  • 15.5 cm wide X 22.5 cm long X 8 cm deep (Single closure)
  • 15.5 cm wide X 37 cm long X 8 cm deep (Dual closure)
High Voltage Relays

Power Options

100 - 120 VAC; 24 VDC; 24 VAC


1 included standard configurable as NO or NC

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