Precision, Wide Bandwidth High Voltage Probes Up to 400 kV

Electrical measurements and in particular high voltage measurements have been critical in developing technologies for the last 100 years. North Star HV Probes are designed to achieve unmatched accuracy whole providing wide bandwidth capability, rugged physical packages, and convenience. PVM probes are designed for the widest accurate bandwidth and portability. The VD proves are designed for higher voltage with uniquely wide bandwidth for those higher voltages.

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Upgraded “bare” versions of our probes for space-saving installation into oil (or SF6) tanks are now available. These probes have the same specifications as VD series probes at a somewhat lower cost. When installing these probes some information about the surrounding areas is required. The length of a VD-120 bare probe (120 kV) is 0.35 m. These units are threaded and can therefore be stacked into higher voltage units. The VD-60 and VD-120 are offered at 60 kV and 120 kV respectively…

High power switches such as ignitrons, thyratrons, and spark gaps require unique high power triggering systems. Our triggers can all operate from 5 mA/5 V sources and/or fiber optic inputs…

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About North Star High Voltage

North Star High Voltage develops and manufactures high voltage probes which define the state of the art in high voltage measurements. We also develop and manufacture support circuits for closing tubes including Thyratrons and Ignitrons (Thyratron drivers and Ignitron drivers).

North Star builds two main types of high voltage probes – the PVM series designed for portability, and wide bandwidth, and the free standing VD series designed for long life and accuracy. Both types of probes can be used with 1 Megohm input oscilloscopes (standard) or with meters of various input impedances (specify meter type when ordering). The probes are also available in “bare” versions for OEM applications. See more on High Voltage Probes.

Standard Cables & Long Cables Make Difficult Measurements Easy

A major advance embodied in the design of our probes is the use of standard 50 ohm or 93 ohm coaxial cable to connect the probe to the oscilloscope or digitizer. Since standard cable is used, the probe can be placed some distance away from the recording instrument (standard units with 30 ft. cables are available) while retaining the wide bandwidth capability. The probe can be placed at the test device while the recording instrument is placed in a screened room, or in a low noise location far from the device.

Low temperature and voltage coefficient resistors and capacitors are used throughout the probe line to provide maximum measurement accuracy. The probe has a rugged nylon housing, and it is filled with dielectric oil for maximum high voltage stability.

Ignitron & Thyratron Drivers

Our ignitron drivers are designed to operate at high current (>400 A) while providing high voltage (>2 kV) in a rugged metal package. Our thyratron drivers are available in styles with DC or pulsed preionization or without preionization.  Our thyratron drivers are capable of driving tubes from all manufacturers.  Our spark gap drivers can drive both trigatron type and midplane gaps.