Thyratrons, Ignitrons & Spark Gaps

High power switches such as ignitrons, thyratrons, and spark gaps require unique high power triggering systems. Our triggers can all operate from 5 mA/5 V sources and/or fiber optic inputs.


Our thyratron drivers are designed to trigger almost all thyratrons with a G2 output of 2 – 2.5 kV peak. For tubes with a G1 electrode we provide drivers with DC pre-ionization and or pulsed pre-ionization. We also provide complete thyratron chassis including heater power, reservoir, and a thyratron driver built-in.

TT-G1/G2 Thyratron Driver

  • G2 Open Circuit Voltage: 2 kV
  • G1 Open Circuit Voltage: 1 kV
  • G1 Current: >40 A
  • Max Rep Rate: 1 kHz

Downloadable Information

Thyratron Chassis Brochure (91 KB)

Thyratron Driver and Ignitron Driver Brochure (407 KB)

Thyratron Driver Manual (1424 KB)

Ignitrons & Spark Gaps

The IG5-F driver is designed to trigger all ignitrons presently available. It comes in a rugged package with isolation on the output of up to 25 kV for floating cathode applications. The unit can also be operated with power from an external resistor when required so that it can operate in a floating configuration.

IG5-F Ignitron Driver Specifications

  • Open Circuit Voltage: 2 kV
  • Short Circuit Current: 400 A
  • Pulse Duration: 10 usec base width
  • Max Rep Rate: 2 Hz. (With AC drive)
Spark Gaps

Spark Gap Driver Specifications

  • SP-35   35 kV into 15 pf (<200ns)
  • SP-55   55 kV into 20 pf (<200ns)
  • Downloadable Information

Ignitron Driver Manual (286 KB)

Spark Gap Driver Brochure (249 KB)