High Voltage Probes

High voltage measurements have a variety of different requirements, and our PVM series and VD series probes are designed for most of these requirements. The PVM probes are designed for wide bandwidth and ease of portability where a variety of measurements must be made. The VD series probes are designed for use at higher voltage ranges, and where physical stability is required.

The design of the probes is unique. The probe comes fully adjusted without any requirement to further adjust the probe in the field. Stray capacitances internal to the probe are factory calibrated. Stray capacitances due to proximity effects are minimized by the unique conductor placement.

Low temperature and voltage coefficient resistors and capacitors are used throughout the probe to provide maximum measurement accuracy. The probe has a rugged nylon housing, and it is filled with dielectric oil for maximum high voltage stability.

Our PVM Series probes our available with either 1000:1 or 2000:1 calibration factors at the time of order.

Voltage Probe Specifications

PVM Series Portable High Voltage Probes to 60 kV DC

PVM series high voltage probes are designed for general use, and for exceptional high frequency response. The probes have applications ranging from automotive ignition to excimer laser system measurement to EMI measurement. They are factory calibrated, and they do not require adjustment. In general the probes are for use with 1 Megohm oscilloscopes, but we also offer an optional switch which can compensate for various measurement instruments such as 10 Megohm meters as well. These units are intended for a wide range of applications where portability and ease of use are essential.

Model NumberPVM-1PVM-2PVM-3PVM-4PVM-5PVM-6PVM-7 PVM-100PVM-11PVM-12
Max DC/Pulsed V (kV)40/6040/6040/6040/6060/10060/100 60/100100/15010/1225/30
Max F Mhz 1k:1
Max F Mhz 2k:1
25 at

Risetime Std Ratio33.3142.533.32.53.5113.3
Cable (ohms)50505050505050505050
DC – 2 Hz.accuracy(%)<0.15<0.15<0.15<0.15<0.15<0.15<0.15 0.15<0.15<0.15
2 Hz. – 200 Hz. accuracy(%)<1 <1<2<1.5<1<1<1.5 <1.5<1.5<1.5
200 Hz. – 5 Mhz. accuracy<1.5%<1.5%<3%<2%<1.5%<1.5%<2% 2%<2.%<2.%
> 5 Mhz. to Fmax/3<5%<6%*<5%<5%<5%<7%*<8% <7%<5%<5%
Input R/C (Megohm/pf)400/13400/13400/10400/8400/12400/12 400/8600/15100(50)/15300/7
Cable Length (ft./m)15/4.530/9100/3015/4.515/4.530/915/4.5 15/4.515/4.515/4.5
Standard Divider Ratio1000:11000:110,000:11000:11000:11000:11000:1 2000:11000:1 1000:1
Length (inches/cm.)17/4417/4417/4417/4419/4719/4719/47 23/577/189/23

Add -2 to any PVM-1 – PVM-6 or PVM-12 part number for 2000:1 ratio at no extra cost. Bandwidth considerations must be taken into account for the highest frequencies.

VD Series High Voltage Probes 60 to 300 kV DC

VD series high voltage probes are floor standing high voltage probes which are designed for rugged day in – day out use. They are used in a wide range of applications ranging from television tube manufacturing to radar to advanced particle accelerator applications. Resistors with an extremely low voltage coefficient of resistance are used, and all capacitors are temperature, frequency, and voltage stabilized for the best possible performance. The probes all have field defining toroids as a standard item in order to minimize the proximity effect (stray capacitance) and maximize the reproducibility of the measurement. The high and low frequency calibrations are carefully matched before shipment. Very high frequency cable effects are also carefully compensated so accurate measurements can be made even when the cable length exceeds the pulse duration. No adjustments are necessary once the probes have been factory calibrated.

Model NumberVD-70VD-100VD-150VD-200VD-300VD-400
Max DC/Pulsed V (kV)70/115100/160150/230200/300300/420400/550
Max AC RMS (kV)5072108142216290
Max Frequency (Mhz.)25202016128
Cable Length (ft.)303030303030
DC accuracy<0.1%<0.1%<0.1%<0.1%<0.2%<0.2%
10 Hz. – 1 Mhz. Accuracy1 %1 %1 %2 %2.5 %3 %
>1 Mhz Accuracy3 %3 %3 %3 %4 %4 %
Resistance (Megohms) 8001600200028005100
or 2550
or 3400
Height (inches/cm.)20/5024/6030/7535/8854/72/180
Diameter (in/cm.)11/2811/2812/2920/5024/6124/61
Capacitance (approx. pf)242527243030
Base Diameter(in/cm.)10/2510/2512/3012/3028/72*28/72
Standard Divider Ratio10,000:110,000:110,000:110,000:110,000:110,000:1