DC Voltage: 60 kV

Peak Voltage: 120 kV

Upgraded “bare” versions of our probes for space-saving installation into oil (or SF6) tanks are now available. These probes have the same specifications as VD series probes at a somewhat lower cost. When installing these probes some information about the surrounding areas is required. The length of a VD-120 bare probe (120 kV) is 0.35 m. These units are threaded and can therefore be stacked into higher voltage units. The VD-60 and VD-120 are offered at 60 kV and 120 kV respectively.

120 kV Max Pulse

30 ft/9 m cable

Select Ratio – 10,000:1

Lead Time – 6 wks ARO

Call 520-780-9030 or email richardadler6@gmail.com for other pricing.